Kayla Miracle 2021 USA Olympic Wrestler Female using B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Bands

Kyle Silvey Director of Applied Sports Science at Neuroforce One talks about training Kayla Miracle, 2021 USA Olympic Wrestler, with B Strong BFR Training bands.


How have you incorporated B Strong BFR into Kayla's training?

"We have incorporated B Strong BFR into Kayla's "energy system development" and we have seen significant gains in all three systems.
We also use B Strong BFR extensively in her strength work. Our entire team are huge Cal Dietz fans and use triphasic in some form or fashion with nearly everyone training in the facility. Recently, we started doing eccentric and isometric with the B Strong BFR bands at the end of training sessions, not only to get a conditioning effect, but all the tissue adaptations those types of tempos elicit."

Why did you do so?
"Using the B Strong BFR Bands allows us to train at higher intensities and trigger adaptation through lower overall volume and intensity (load) both of which are big wins. Also, with Kayla traveling a lot to different Olympic camps in preparation for Tokyo, we know that using the B Strong BFR bands we can get the training effect we are looking for even with limited equipment. "

And how do you see it as being a successful training tool and modality?

Two examples of wrestling training moves with BFR:
"The first exercise I stole from Cory Schlesinger and we just call them KB split passes, we just added the B Strong BFR in to get more of a conditioning effect. Not only does this load the foot and ankle in a great way, but it also works on timing, coordination, proprioception, balance and with the B Strong bands we get a great conditioning effect."

"The second exercise is a single leg isometric hatfield good morning which we just call a "SL Gmorning". The posterior chain is crucial for sport performance, regardless of the sport. And like I said, we are big Cal Dietz fans so we use isometrics fairly often as they are a great tool especially in injury prevention and recovery. Because this is a single leg and is an awkward position, we prefer not to load it very heavy, thus the B Strong Bands give us the effect without the heavy load. "

-Kyle Silvey Director of Applied Sports Science at Neuroforce One