Knee Reconstruction | Patient Physical Therapy Testimonial With B Strong BFR Bands


A patient, who was involved in a horrific accident resulting in torn ligaments (anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, and lateral collateral), meniscus damage, and a dislocated hip, discusses his experience at Evolve Physical Therapy using B Strong blood flow restriction (BFR) training bands as part of his rehabilitation.
What are the benefits of using B Strong BFR Training bands?
"I've felt stronger, I've felt I can push further, and I can last longer in these workouts. I feel that I am causing my body to be more fatigued through these workouts without using high amounts of weight. Anyone going through a surgery like mine (ACL, PCL, LCL) I would definitely recommend this as a form of exhausting your body, exhausting your legs, and being able to build the muscle and build the strength to make progress."