Lateral Meniscus Transplant | Patient Recovery Testimonial With B Strong BFR Bands


A patient who has a history of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) and meniscus repairs, and most recently a lateral meniscus transplant, discusses his experience at Evolve Physical Therapy using B Strong blood flow restriction (BFR) bands as part of his rehabilitation.

"I'm using the B Strong Bands to really exert my muscles by putting them through a workout that feels like one of the heaviest workouts I've gone through in awhile, but again I don't have to put my joints under that max stress."

"I get the feeling of max fatigue to the point where I feel like I have had the hardest workout I've had in years."

"I would recommend using the B Strong bands to anyone. They give you an amazing workout where you feel you haven't worked your muscles that hard in a long long time. Afterwards you will recover quickly because you haven't put your body through a large amount of stress like doing max loads so you get the benefit of feeling like you went through a tough workout, but then the recovery isn't long afterwards."