Success Stories - B Strong

Success Stories

BFR Training

Bode Miller

Six-time Olympic medalist

“B STRONG is the most revolutionary training methodology I’ve ever seen.”

Blood Flow Restriction Training Review - Anna

Anna Nemeckay

Triathlon and Ironman Athlete & Coach

“Without B STRONG I would not be competing in Ironman competitions. You get stronger and recover faster as you continue to use it.”

Blood Flow Restriction Training Review - Charlie

Charlie Rosa

UFC Fighter

“Thank you B STRONG for the BFR Bands and helping me get back into the UFC octagon. BFR Training has helped my triceps / biceps strength immensely during my recovery. Thank you for giving me the tools to get back to 100%.”

BFR Training Review Chuck

Chuck Anger

Avid Masters Triathlete and Skier

“The results I achieved were quite clear. I experienced less body fat and increased leg strength which improved my in-sport performance. Very positive return on investment.”

BFR Training Review - Sarah Henderson

Sarah Hendrikson

Olympic Sky Jumper

“B Strong has changed the way that I train and my overall health and life in general.”

Mel Review BFR Training

Mel Levitt

Finance Executive

“B STRONG not only changed my life, it extended my life.”

Blood Flow Restriction Training Reviews

Joseph Camisa

Physical Therapist, DPT,CSCS, ACSM EP-C, TPDN-3, STMT-1MFDc

“It’s the embodiment for working out smarter not harder. The main benefit to me and my patients is that B STRONG helps the body recover from injury while maintaining / increasing muscle mass and fitness.”

BFR Blood Flow Restriction Training Review Tyler Nelson

Dr Tyler Nelson

Camp4performance, Taylorsville, UT

“B STRONG allows me to perform strengthening with clients earlier because of the low loads involved. B STRONG is my go-to treatment tool.”