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Research has shown that the light resistance exercise done during BFRT does minimal damage to the working muscles, and that recovery periods following a BFR session are shorter than after traditional resistance training.

The restriction of blood flow to working muscles deprives them of the energy and oxygen they need to continue working.  B STRONG’s customized protocols accelerate this metabolic “crisis”, quickly producing a muscle pump and “burn”, and culminating in muscle “failure” in less than 20 min.  The result is your body feels like you spent 90 minutes working hard when in reality you can do this on your lunch break.

BFRT has been proven time and again to produce similar, and in some cases greater gains in strength compared with normal high resistance training.  This has been shown in all types of populations from adolescents to seniors, and in healthy and injured persons.  Read the research or listen to the testimonials.

Growth hormone and IGF-1 combined with exercise are thought to be part of the mechanism inducing muscle hypertrophy and leading to gains in strength.  BFRT is a natural method to elevate GH levels in the blood stream and get all the benefits that come with that.

VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) is an indicator of an angiogenic response, meaning the building of new blood vessels and capillaries.  New blood vessels and capillaries provide better blood flow characteristics in the body and lead to improved circulation.

BFR uses low loads, therefore stresses on the muscles and joints are dramatically reduced compared to normal strength training.  You can still exercise and maintain muscle mass without aggravating existing conditions and prevent the atrophy that would normally occur.

BFR workouts use light resistance or simply body weight.  Other than your B STRONG belts and pump, all you need is your own body and you can turn any environment into your gym for a quick, effective session.  B STRONG packs up neatly to fit in a suitcase for travel, so those less-than-stellar hotel gyms no longer limit what you can do.

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