HOW TO BFR? - B Strong

Step 1

Put on your belts

Belts come in a variety of sizes designed to comfortably and quickly be put on and inflated.  Colors indicate sizes and sizes are chosen after checkout.

Step 2

Register on our Web-App

Register your account on our web-app to get your personalized pressures, view instructional material, and follow along programs. For professionals, set up your clients and build your own personalized workouts from our library or add your own exercises (coming soon).

Step 3

Start Working Out!

Complete our optional fitness test and 20 day path to fitness program where we ease you into BFRT and walk you through the basics. Eventhough it’s a simple, basic routine we guarantee you’ll feel noticable results at the end.

“B Strong Fitness has changed my life in a way that I couldn’t have ever imagined. After using my system for a year, I have lost weight while gaining muscle, and am the leanest and strongest I have ever been — and at 28 years old! Most people think an athlete at 28 is done, but I am at my very best ever!”

– Abby Ringquist, World Cup ski jumper and member of Team USA