Joseph Camisa - B Strong

Joseph Camisa


“It is the embodiment of working smarter not harder!”


I grew up an athlete and began working out at a young age.  I became certified as a personal trainer in high school and trained throughout undergrad and graduate school until I earned higher certifications and ultimatley my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  After graduating, I injured my lumbar spine severely and had many unsuccessful therapies leaving me unable to do what I enjoyed most, working out.  During this time I was on a quest to find the best information out there, as well as the best tools I could use to facilitate healing, recovery and performance without breaking down the body. Even after I started to recover, I began to look for more ways to save my body both in the clinic treating patients, and in the weight room, while maximizing results and my time.  It wasn’t long before I discovered B STRONG and the results have been phenomenal. 

How did you hear about B STRONG?

I tried Kaatsu training in my youth so I was familiar with the concept, but did not know that science discovered how to make it safer.  I saw B STRONG while doing some consulting work at the Perform Better Summit in 2017 and was blown away.

What are your goals?

I look to B STRONG both from a personal and professional level.  The main benefit to me and my patients is that B STRONG helps the body recover from injury while maintaining/increasing muscle mass and fitness.

How do you use B STRONG?

I have had some patients recovering from surgeries who maintain strength when they were unable to weight bear on their involved lower extremity.  We perform minimal resistance, open chain exercise that accelerates their recovery once they are able to progress to weight bearing activities.

I help patients mentally who are depressed about not being able to work out from being injured, and we  are able to maintain this approach for months while they recover.

What are your results?

The technology has certainly delivered on its promise of size and strength gains with minimal resistance, leading to fast recovery from surgeries.

A funny story…

I showed them to my sister’s boyfriend, and now he’s always pushing me to let him use B STRONG before he goes to the club or beach to get a biceps pump before he goes out for a fist pump.  Just the arms.  He doesn’t care about the legs….