Matt Vincent - B Strong

Matt Vincent

Highland Games World Champion 2012 & 2014

B STRONG has been an awesome tool for fighting off atrophy without stressing my damaged joint. The B Strong belts have been a huge part of my daily rehab protocol.


I was a Highland Games World Champion 2012 & 2014 and am an all around strength and performance enthusiast.  I have spent 20yrs training for various sports and figuring out what ways allow me to get the most out of my body.

Why do you like B STRONG?

Having the bands designed as they are you really get to be consistent with the B STRONG belts.  It is a fine line between too tight and not tight enough.  They are more comfortable than the other versions I have used, and being able to use the pump to reach pressure has allowed them to be something I can count on for achieving the desired muscle fatigue. These belts allow me to hit that mark every time I use them.

How did you hear about B STRONG?

I was introduced to BFR training a few years back from Kelly Starrett while rehabbing a torn meniscus.  After training various ways of trying to accomplish occlusion I tried a set of bands at Gunnar Peterson’s gym.  Shortly after that I was reached out to by a few other friends recommending me try this product as it seems to be the best available and most consistent.

What was your starting point with B STRONG training?

I was in early stages of rehab for most recent knee surgery, a high tibial osteotomy, and was only able to do leg raises and quad contractions.  I have since been able to add the belts as part of my daily protocol and continue to make progress through this rehab.

What were your goals?

My goals were to fight off any further atrophy to my leg and start rebuilding muscle as soon as I could.  I was looking to benefit from the systemic hormonal response to help the healing process from using the bands in different methods.

What did you do?

I will do a variety of exercises with injured leg, hatfield squats, bike sprints, calf raises, TKE, leg curls, and box squats while utilizing the B STRONG belts.  These are done for sets of 20-30 with minimal rest and low weight for about 5 sets.  I also will switch it up and use them on both arms and the good leg for different training as well. Same sets and reps.  The benefit of B STRONG is being untethered from equipment and they don’t impact my movement.  I can exercise my non-injured limbs to generate the systemic response and my INJURED limb will benefit from this.

What were your results?

This is still ongoing as I am only about 8 weeks post surgery, but I am already seeing the benefit I was looking for in fighting off muscle atrophy.  I see these being part of my everyday training for the foreseeable future, even beyond my rehab.  B STRONG is really helping me get the most out of my recovery this go around and maximizing my accessories to grow back much needed muscle and strength.