Webinars - B Strong

Get Answers to all your BFR questions

20min topic-specific reviews with Dr. Jim on a regular basis keep you proficient on latest developments in BFRT.


We offer live 15-20 min webinars to the community as a free service to promote the understanding and safe application of BFR.  Whether you are a customer or not, we invite you to listen in and learn from the Dr. Stray-Gundersen himself.

Webinars are followed by a short Q&A session to answer common questions.  We also are happy to take requests for topics and will focus our webinars on the most commonly asked questions.


  • Safety questions
  • Application questions
  • Research developments
  • Guest speakers

As an added bonus for customers, you will have access to the library of webinars that are produced to access any time.  So get your B STRONG today and let the learning begin!