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Narrow, elastic belts mitigate against all major safety risks. No other system can provide you the level of guidance and safety matching B STRONG.

B Strong Fitness has changed my life in a way that I couldn’t have ever imagined. After using my system for a year, I have lost weight while gaining muscle, and am the leanest and strongest I have ever been — and at 28 years old! Most people think an athlete at 28 is done, but I am at my very best ever!”

– Abby Ringquist, World Cup ski jumper and member of women’s sky jumping USA

B STRONG Advantages

It is rather easy to occlude blood flow with wraps or with some blood-pressure-cuff-style pneumatic systems on the market. When using wraps, a user must rely upon their perception of their applied limb pressure when wrapping a limb.

The width and elasticity built into B STRONG’s design provides additional “give” to allow the muscles to expand and swell while maintaining some level of blood flow. Having a BFR system that can accommodate these unpredictable conditions throughout a training session will keep the user safe and is an important and valuable consideration when doing BFR training.

Dr. James Stray-Gundersen, co-founder of B STRONG, is one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic of BFRT and heads B STRONG’s braintrust. Dr. Jim is no stranger to human performance though and has spent the last 30 years consulting with the likes of Nike, FIFA, various Olympic bodies, and the USSA on topics ranging from altitude training to doping control procedures. When you are working with B STRONG, you have access to the best of the best.

B STRONG belt sizes are designed so that they are easy to properly put on and pump up without assistance. You are ready to go in under one minute. This allows individuals to use B STRONG by themselves, or to put on their own belts before a group training session. The B STRONG pump does not require batteries or charging, and there are no tubes or wraps that can get tangled up or which need to be rolled up at the end of each session for storage.

The first question to ask yourself is, “What is your time and your health worth?” When you are looking to invest in your health and fitness, you want something that is built to last, is easy to use, and just plain works. While there are low cost alternatives, B STRONG offers what others do not: a purpose-built tool and system of hardware + software + education that provides consistent positive results and the peace of mind that you will be safe. The most popular individual package is just over $1 per day when viewed on a one year horizon. In exchange, you get to look and feel better—and take back hours of your life each week.

B STRONG’s proprietary design incorporates a series of inflatable pillows that—while relatively narrow—evenly distribute the pressure across the width of each pillow. With this design, there is no sensation of a focused pressure like you get with a single chamber cuff.

Other pneumatic systems expand and become more bulky, which affects natural gait patterns and can prevent proper form and technique. B STRONG belts actually shrink on the limb to reduce interference with other body parts during movement.

Getting results and staying safe requires the right equipment and the right protocols. Restrict too much flow and you aren’t safe; don’t restrict enough flow and the training won’t be effective. B STRONG’s system of hardware, software, education delivers the full toolset to satisfy the two main objectives of safe and effective training.

Whether you are going to an athletic practice, the gym, or are a working professional traveling on the road, the portability and compactness of B STRONG allows you to turn any environment into your personal gym with a little creativity. We have all been on the road craving that good “post workout feeling” only to find the hotel gym is poorly stocked with equipment.  Just whip out your B STRONG and you are good to go!

The design process starts with evaluating every component and every stitch to hold up to the abuse of indoor and outdoor exercise. As one example, an often overlooked component such as our Velcro fastener has been lifecycle tested to go over 5000 cycles without appreciable loss in strength. We quality control each and every component from start to finish before we send something out the door. Our products have been battle tested now in the harshest of environments from soldiers on deployment to Olympic Skiers zooming down alpine slopes to triathletes swimming in the Pacific.

B STRONG vs. Wrapping by Matt Vincent

Matt was the Highland Games World Champion 2012 & 2014, and is an all around strength and performance enthusiast.