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Kathy Smith Health & Fitness Icon
“Over the decades i’ve only seen a few things that truly change the world of health & fitness and B Strong is one of them. The improvements in strength and overall quality of life are truly amazing!”
Tommaso Ciampa WWE Pro Wrestler
“Ever since my neck surgery, B Strong has played an instrumental role in my program – whether I use the bands as a finisher, on a recovery flush day, or to help intensify my mobility and warm up work. I travel with my B strong bands around the world.”
Robert Ervin 62 years old
“At 62 I’ve seen such goods results so far that I am excited to put the bike on a trainer with the B Strong, and see if I can improve my hill climbing too. My wife has also gotten on B Strong and uses it religiously 6 times per week walking around the neighbourhood and lifting weights.”
Jim Galanes 3x Time Olympian & Elite Endurance Coach
“B Strong provides us a smarter way to strength train. We get equal or better results without the risk from over training and compromising endurance training that we see with traditional methods.”
Richard Jackson 71 yrs young
“B Strong gives a sense of almost a euphoria, which I will say is much like being in my late 20’s or early 30’s. I just feel happy all of the time, which under the Corona Virus circumstances is really great. Even a runner’s high doesn’t last 24/7 like B Strong! I will continue the twice daily routine.”
Linda Evans 65 yrs young
“B-Strong has improved my health and wellbeing on all levels, and I feel better than ever! It’s helped my balance, ability to walk quickly without stumbling, and I’ve noticed a reduction in pain and inflammation, I sleep better, my memory is better, clearer, sharper, and I'm happy!”
Ian Gibbons Physical Performance Coach, Major League Rugby
“Since using the BStrong I have been impressed at the ease of use, portability and more crucially how comfortable and safe it is compared to other systems I have used. We use BFR in rehab to maintain strength and we use in recovery & travel. Players report less fatigue and more energy.”


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Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD
B Strong Co-founder

"You can now exercise smarter, safer and improve your overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results. The benifits of BFR training lead to better health and wellness for the entire population - young or old. It can be done any where, anytime, regardless of your fitness level."

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