Unlock the secrets of BFR

Come ask our Experts

We are excited to announce B Strong is starting our brand new 

FREE Webinar series!

It will be an intimate setting where you can come & ask the experts of BFR training anything you want to know.

Each call session will be stated with a specific topic, 15-20min short & sweet, followed by a live Q&A section where you can ask all of your questions on ANY topic!

Webinar Details

The webinar will be held via Zoom.

Current and upcoming topics will be emailed to all subscribers on a continual basis

When: 2x per month, typically the second and last Wednesday of each month.

Time: Typically: 6pm CST

Join Early - There are limited seats available and its first come first serve!

All calls and Q&A are recorded and subscribers are given exclusive access to the library of discussion topics for continued education and learning.

Meet the Host

Leading the webinar calls is none other

than Dr. Sten Stray-Gundersen

Sten Stray-Gundersen, PhD, is a renowned

& published BFR expert and Master

Trainer. Based at the ROI Performance

Center in Austin, Texas, he provides

optimized protocols for performance and

recovery to athletes and clinical


With a background in high-level sports and

extensive experience training athletes,

Sten is a trusted resource in the field.


All webinars will be recorded for training & educational purposes.

Have any questions about the webinar?

Contact [email protected] or 435.319.8969 for any inquiries.