WHY B Strong?

“B StrongTM is a paradigm shift in the way we exercise. You can now exercise smarter, safer, and improve your overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results. The benefits of BFR training lead to overall health and wellness for the entire population. It can be done any where, anytime, by anyone – young or old – regardless of your fitness level.” 

Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD, CMO/co-founder & developer, B Strong



BFR training modifies the blood flow to the limb during exercise to make the brain think the muscle is working hard. This triggers a robust, anabolic, hormonal release into the blood stream. The systemic response affects all working and healing tissue. Increased growth hormone levels promote improved energy levels, increased performance, promote anti-aging and help to maintain bone density. In other words, your whole body benefits by this type of training. Benefits can be felt quickly in only a few B Strong sessions.


“Beauty comes from within.” BFR training with B StrongTM stimulates the production of Growth Hormone which helps regulate metabolism, promote collagen production, lean muscle and stronger bones. Doing low intensity workouts with B StrongTM allows you to get the maximum benefits without the wear and tear on your body. Stay strong and confident with improved fitness and wellness for a healthy and happy lifestyle.


B StrongTM is a game changer in rehabilitation. By using relatively easy exercise and B Strong BFR Training SystemTM, one can mitigate atrophy and maintain fitness. By exercising as many muscles as possible without disturbing the healing injury, we create a milieu where we induce a systemic response that optimizes recovery, healing and fitness. Because absolute workloads are low or easy, little additional damage is done from the exercise and thus, recovery and improvement in fitness is rapid.


BFR training is a fitness phenomenon. A favorite among elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts who count on the B Strong BFR Training SystemTM to enhance their performance levels and reach their sports fitness goals. See gains in muscle strength, stamina, speed and agility. Depending on nutrition, you can achieve increased muscle size or lean body mass. By using lower loads there is less wear and tear on the body. B StrongTM is the premiere strength training tool for the athletic population.



No longer the secret of high performance athletes, olympians, and physical therapists, B StrongTM offers a BFR training system for everyone that is affordable, safe, and easy to use. Get the same benefits of an intense workout with lower intensity and less time. How will you B StrongTM?


We all strive for better peace of mind and a healthy body. Achieve a full body workout and reap the benefits of longterm overall health and wellness. Virtually everyone can use this safe and efficient low impact exercise program. 

  • Reduce workout times 
  • Reduce risk of injury from heavy weights 
  • Maximize performance and get a systemic response

As one example, just adding a quick B Strong BFR Training SystemTM session at the end of a tough cardio session can help tone and lead to strength gains.


B StrongTM is the premier strength training tool for the athletic population.

  • Junior athletes who want to build strength safely 
  • Collegiate and semi-professionals 
  • Top level professional athletes and Olympians 
  • Former athletes who want to stay fit and strong without tearing up their body

The versatility and comfort of our B Strong BFR BandsTM makes them the ideal training tool to augment your regular training regimen. Increase strength while doing sport specific movement for maximum gains.


The B Strong BFR Training SystemTM can help you stay strong during 

recovery from musculoskeletal injuries or surgery and can reduce the loss of conditioning by providing the ability to exercise uninjured tissues during the recovery period with non or low load exercise.

  • Less recovery time
  • Avoid muscle atrophy and loss of fitness
  • Systemic anabolic response optimizes the gains made from recovery program
  • Facilitates healing to restore the strength and endurance to the muscle.


Short on time? Pack up your gym and take it with you. The B Strong BFR Training SystemTM can be conveniently tossed in your carry-on for easy travel. Get strong in the car, bus, train, or plane. Turn your hotel room into your own personal gym for fitness on the go! Built for your busy lifestyle – Home – Office – Travel.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Rugged
  • Portable

B Strong Training SystemTM


Everything you need in one package! This full body workout package includes 4 bands, 1 pair for your arms and 1 pair for your legs. Also included: 1 hand pump, 1 carrying case and 1 license for our guidance app.