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Learn more about how BFR works and why the award-winning B Strong BFR Training System is the safest, easiest way to improve strength and recovery times.

The Safest Way to Get the Benefits of BFR Training

B Strong is a patented enhanced exercise training system that allows for personalized and safe blood flow restriction (BFR) training for virtually anyone, regardless of fitness level. Working out with B Strong promises to improve the physical benefits you obtain from exercise while decreasing your recovery time. That’s why the system is loved by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners alike.

B Strong is proven to enhance sports performance, muscle mass, stamina, speed and agility as well as improve energy levels, bone density, metabolism, collagen production and recovery from injury or surgery. The award-winning system is lauded to be the safest blood flow restriction system of its kind. The B Strong Training System can be used anytime, anywhere, no matter your age or mobility.

True, Optimal, Safe BFR

Expertly-Designed, Patented BFR Bands for Traditional Exercise and Injury Rehabilitation

Our bands are used in traditional workouts or rehabilitation to partially restrict blood flow and oxygen to the working muscle. This creates intense muscle fatigue, which in turn triggers a systemic effect and a robust anabolic, hormonal release that affects all working and healing tissues. Increased human growth hormone levels promote improved energy levels and increased performance, all in half the time of a traditional, non-BFR workout, with minimal wear and tear on the body.

B Strong is a game changer in rehabilitation. By using the B Strong BFR Training System in conjunction with relatively easy, light weight, low impact exercise, one can mitigate muscle atrophy and maintain fitness levels. BFR allows those recovering from injury to exercise as many muscles as possible without disturbing the healing injury, inducing a systemic response that optimizes recovery, healing and fitness.

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