What Is Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR)?

BFR training manipulates the body’s circulatory system during exercise to produce rapid gains in a short period of time.

What is BFR?

Discovered in the late 1960s, blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a well-researched fitness training method that manipulates the body’s circulatory system to produce rapid gains in strength and fitness using light weights in a very short period of time. This is done through the proper use of personalized, inflated bands during exercise, which produces hypertrophy and strength gains on par with heavy anaerobic training or traditional weight lifting, but with less time and effort. In other words, BFR gives you better results in less time.

How? Low-load training with elastic and pneumatic BFR bands increases growth hormone production and other anabolic compounds, which studies have proven to enhance rehabilitation. In turn, this increases components of healing, bone growth and bone density, and reduces overall healing time. BFR is shown to provide cardiovascular, endocrine, and musculoskeletal advantages, similar to the systemic benefits found in high-intensity training, but without the risk of injury found in heavyweight or compound movements.

When using B Strong, not only is recovery time reduced but exercise duration is reduced. Workouts are 2.5-4.5% more powerful with an 18-20% increase in strength, when compared to not using the system. When muscles fail and fatigue in non-BFR training, muscles get damaged. However, with B Strong BFR, oxygen and blood are safely restricted to working muscles, which quickly produces strong fatigue in the muscle. The induced strong fatigue triggers the brain to release a systemic hormonal cascade - including a robust production of human growth hormone - making users stronger with little or no muscle damage thanks to the lighter weights needed.

Who Benefits From BFR Training?

Individuals with limited mobility, such as those with musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, chronic pain or a history of orthopedic surgery benefit greatly from BFR training, as it provides an option that is easy on the joints while also reducing their loss of conditioning, making them stronger for their daily tasks, and helping them heal. BFR offers the benefits of more intense, involved training programs, but with lower intensity workouts or therapy sessions. The technique elicits a systemic anabolic response that optimizes the gains made from a recovery program and facilitates healing to restore strength and endurance to the muscle.

Athletes from fitness enthusiasts to weekend warriors to elite Olympians also gain from using BFR training, as it makes their workouts more effective with each rep, step or lap. BFR allows them to improve their strength and power, boost their physical performance and expand their fitness beyond limits while enjoying faster recovery times and less damage to the body. Plus, the comfort, portability, and versatility of the B Strong BFR Training System makes it easy for anyone to get maximum gains out of their workout, no matter where they are.

Dr. Stray-Gundersen Explains BFR and the B Strong System

Benefits of BFR Training With B Strong

Better Performance

Elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts use BFR to enhance their performance levels and see gains in muscle strength, stamina, speed and agility, using lower weights for less wear and tear on the body.

The Training System Relied Upon Elite Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, Those With Limited Mobility, and Wellness Practitioners Alike

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