2023 Workout Trends

2023 Workout Trends


2023 is here and what a year it is for fitness. It even looks like a strong year with that bulging 3 like a fired-up bicep.

The fitness industry is no stranger to innovation and 2023 will not disappoint. No shocker, tech is the predominant trend predicted for 2023. From wearables to VR, don’t be surprised when you see more people “plugging in” to exercise.

So what can you expect…

Virtual Reality 

2023 will be the year virtual reality (VR) workouts become mainstream as high-tech headsets and devices grow more widespread. The augmented reality and VR industry is expected to grow to over $80 billion by 2029, and we are hearing rumors about Apple releasing a VR headset in 2023. Software companies continue to add new apps that make working out feel like a game. The VR workout graphics and level of physical challenge have gotten some major upgrades. If you plan to jump on this trend, the B Strong system is the perfect addition, giving you the opportunity to have fun and get the benefits of an intense workout. 

Hybrid Online/Gym Group Fitness Classes

Working out in the comfort of one’s own home has become more popular. But a lot of people want to get back to the gym. And you can have both! Many gym facilities are including virtual options as part of their membership packages. Members can have the best of both worlds. Monday you go to the gym for your strength workout, Tuesday you login for your online HIIT class. By adding B Strong to your at-home or at-the-gym routine, you are able to get those more intense workouts in, wherever you are.

Primal Movement Training

No, we aren’t suggesting you will walk into Equinox and there will be a caveman leading your class. Primal movements are the basic and natural movements that humans do, which include crawling, lunging, reaching, squatting, pushing, and more. Primal movements help to improve strength, mobility, posture, balance, and coordination. Squats, deadlifts, bear crawls, pushups, and pull-ups are all examples of primal movement exercises. By incorporating these movements into your routine in tandem with using the B Strong system, you will not only increase your overall health and activity levels, you will do it more effectively and more efficiently with less room for injury. 

Strength Training Will Become The Go-To Workout

2023 will be the year for strength workouts. As we yearn for a better quality of life, many people will turn to strength workouts as a solution. The human body is designed to rebuild muscle we lost from too much sitting and too much dieting, muscle that we need for a functioning metabolism and to be able to do basic daily movements like bending down and without getting back pain. Strength isn’t even just about strength; many strength movements, like squats and deadlifts, are also about building crucial mobility and flexibility. Strength training using the B Strong system is the ultimate way to achieve gains without injury.


In 2023 we will see people challenge themselves to be consistent without feeling like they need to go all out. The “go hard or go home” mentality that leaves so many with pain and injury will be abandoned for consistency and long-term results. There will be more focus on low-intensity and purposeful exercise. And we can’t agree more, B Strong is built on the principles of efficiency and reduced risk of injury. 

Whether you are jumping on one of the many trends you will see in 2023 or going down a fitness road less traveled, incorporating the B Strong system will leave you with more efficient workouts and less injury, and that is a trend we think everyone should get on board with.

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