BFR Bands & Yoga: Elevate the Benefits of Your Yoga Session

BFR Bands & Yoga: Elevate the Benefits of Your Yoga Session


Yoga is a proven way to improve your overall health. B Strong BFR Bands elevate your session and in a recently published study at the University of Texas at Austin, researchers found specifically that Yoga B Strong BFR to be safe to do with common forms of yoga.

Can't find the time for a full yoga class? Add this five-minute B Strong BFR yoga flow sequence to your morning routine! 





Starting in a high lunge, align your knee over your heel, keep your back leg strong and firm and sweep your arms overhead palms facing each other. Lengthen your tailbone toward the floor while you reach back through your back heel.

Crescent High Lunge using B Strong BFR Bands with Yoga



This is a standing twist pose that benefits the spine by increasing the range of motion in the upper back. From your crescent pose open your arms so they are parallel to the floor and twist your torso towards the bent knee. Reach your front hand to the front of the mat and the back hand towards the rear of the mat. Keep your hips facing forward.

 Crescent with Rotation: Using B Strong BFR Bands with Yoga


From crescent pose, turn your back foot slightly out at a 45-degree angle and align your front heel with the back heel. The front knee should be aligned with the front ankle so the shin is perpendicular to the floor. if possible, bring the front thigh parallel to the floor. Strengthen the back leg by engaging the inner thigh and pressing the heel firmly to the ground. Shoulders drop as the chest lifts. Keep the arms parallel to the floor stretch the arms away from each other.

 Warrior Two: using B Strong BFR Bands with Yoga


From warrior two, straighten the front leg, stretch back and raise the front arm overhead while the back arm rests lightly on the back thigh. Keep the chest open to the front and feel the stretch along the side body, Do not put your weight in your back hand.

 Reverse Triangle: Using B Strong BFR Bands With Yoga




• increased flexibility

• increased muscle strength & tone

• improved respiration, energy & vitality

• maintaining a balanced metabolism

• weight reduction

• cardio & circulatory health

• improved athletic performance

• protection from injury



The benefits of BFR training lead to better health and wellness for the entire population – young and old alike. It can be done anywhere, anytime, regardless of your starting fitness level and remarkable improvement is possible.


B STRONG Training Systems is the safest BFR technology on the market. B STRONG bands are designed for safety. Their patented air-baffle inflating design ensures the bands cannot occlude blood flow. Without this unique design/safety feature, restricting blood flow can be an extremely dangerous. The B Strong Training System is the only BFR tool designed by an Olympic physician and MD with expertise in the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, and decades of experience in athlete and overall human performance. The B Strong Training System was designed to be safe for everyone from age 8 to 103 and all fitness levels to improve overall health and performance.


Gain all the benefits of traditional training without incurring the damage. Get stronger, leaner, improve performance, recover faster. The B STRONG Training System uses a safe, natural and physiological manipulation of your body’s circulatory system to produce quick and significant gains in strength and fitness! In other words, your brain is tricked into thinking you are working hard, lifting extremely heavy weights in response to the restricted blood flow to the banded muscle. Your brain turns on a cascade hormonal response to support the “overworked” muscle initiating muscle hypertrophy (growth) without ever actually overworking the muscle. And the benefits are systemic – not just the banded muscle is impacted, with B Strong Training the entire body and all working muscles benefit. You gain all the benefits, leaner stronger muscle growth without ever actually tearing or over straining the working muscle. The benefits are immediate and measurable, in half the time of traditional workouts.


After years of studying BFR devices in use in throughout Asia in the 1990’s, Dr. Stray-Gundersen defined the mechanism and physiological response that elicits the immediate benefits of BFR training, and developed and patented the B STRONG Training System to simplify BFR Training for all. The initial devices used in Asia cost thousands of dollars, were cumbersome and were not safe to use without trained supervision.The devices did not allow for unimpeded activity, as you were tethered to a pressure device. Recently, the availability of BFR tourniquets, elastic wraps and cuffs common in the bodybuilding world and available inexpensively online, are extremely dangerous and can cause permanent damage to muscle and tendons (and much worse) and should not be used. The B Strong Training System was specifically designed to bring an affordable, safe and easy to use BFR device to market for all to use for measurable improvements to overall health and fitness levels.


The Doctor Says:

Dr Jim Stray Gundersen Blood Flow Restriction Training

"B Strong BFR is a paradigm shift in fitness training. It is a game changer when it comes to maximizing exercise for all fitness levels for strength, fitness, recovery. I have used it on my Olympians with tremendous success. We wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits so we created a product for the consumer to use at home, in a safe and effective way. Whether you walk, jog, ride a bike, or do body building, B Strong can augment your daily routine." - Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen

Dr. Stray-Gundersen has been the pioneer of the application and mechanism of the use of blood flow restriction training in the US and Europe. Board Certified in General Surgery, Stray-Gundersen's background is both academic and athletic. His past “day job” has been as research faculty in Cardiology and Orthopedics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. He has also worked for 35+ years in Olympic and Professional Sports, focusing on winter and summer endurance sports including a 30 year relationship with track and field, NIKE Oregon Project, and as physician, physiologist and nutritionist for United States, Norwegian, German and Canadian National teams in the sports of track and field, cycling, swimming, all types of skiing, speed skating, and biathlon, as well as work with NASA and Navy Seals.

Stray-Gundersen has served on international medical committees that include the International Olympic Committee, FIFA, International Biathlon Committee, International Ski Federation and the International Skating Union. Jim currently serves as the sports science advisor for the US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA), and is the founder of the SG Performance Medicine Center in Park City, Utah. His current focus is understanding and application of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training and has developed the customer and physical therapist BFR Training system called B Strong. 



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