Does B Strong BFR cut off blood flow or simply impede it?

Does B Strong BFR cut off blood flow or simply impede it?


B Strong Training System is uniquely designed so that with proper application, the artery is always open.


Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a way to safely manipulate the vascular system to cause the body to feel like it is doing more work than is actually being performed. It accomplishes this by reducing blood flow and available oxygen to a working muscle.

When selecting equipment to be used it is important to consider how that equipment will impact the vascular system when applied. One great feature with the B Strong Training System is its design always ensures the artery is open with proper application. You can watch a video below to see how even with a band maximally inflated blood is still entering the limb.

When looking at properties of an artery and vein they are unique in the following ways:

Artery – thick muscular outer layer, smaller diameter, harder to collapse

Vein – thin collapsible layer, larger diameter, easier to collapse

Therefore, if you are applying pressure into the tissue with a band around your limb, you want to apply enough pressure to slow the blood flow down, but not cut it off completely. The straws serve as a good example in the video below to model the difference between how the artery and vein respond to pressure applied.

As mentioned B Strong doesn’t have the ability to fully occlude the artery, where a blood pressure cuff or tourniquet can. If using one of these systems that can fully occlude, there needs to be a way to ensure the artery is always open. The closer the line is toed with complete occlusion, the greater the risk is for causing an adverse effects such as a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) due to completely stopping blood flow.

Confidently and consistently keeping the artery open at all times during each training session important safety feature to consider with BFR training.






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