Fitness Titan, Kathy Smith, shares why training with Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is giving her an advantage

Fitness Titan, Kathy Smith, shares why training with Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is giving her an advantage


"I use B Strong BFR in my workout to add some intensity! It’s a game changer."

- KATHY SMITH (Fitness & Wellness Guru)


Baby Boomers need to get and stay in shape to live a successful and high-quality life, their next 50 years. But millions aren’t ready physically for longer life expectancy, which today can reach over 100 years. 

Now Boomers can train with the same method used by Olympic athletes in a safe, effective and inexpensive way. They can gain muscle and strength using gentle movements, light weights and no excessive exercise. 

Sounds too good to be true — but it works. It is called Blood Flow Restriction Training or BFR, and it will change the way we think of, and benefit from, exercise at any age. 

Olympic physician and sports science researcher, Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen has been at the forefront of this revolutionary modality of exercise in the US and Europe based on the techniques he has developed working with Olympians. 

“Over my 30-year career in working to maximize human performance at all levels of fitness, I have not come across anything as impactful in improving strength, power, lean body mass, and overall fitness, than BFR,” says Dr. Stray-Gundersen. 

As a result, Stray-Gundersen partnered with a Stanford Engineer, Sean Whalen in launching a patented product for the consumer called B Strong Blood Flow Restriction Training. “B Strong BFR will blow your mind,” says Fitness Icon Kathy Smith now 68 years old. “I started using B Strong BFR about two years ago under the direction of Dr. Stray-Gundersen, and the results to my overall fitness and lean body mass have been so astounding. I am stronger, leaner, and more explosive! I know other boomers will love it!” 

Kathy Smith and Dr Jim Stray-Gundersen discussing blood flow restriction training

Blood Flow Restriction Training has been gaining popularity with an increasing amount of attention in the last 5-12 years in the US. However, work has focused on rehabilitation from musculo-skeletal injuries and improvement in strength and fitness for Olympic and Professional athletes. Most recognize that regular exercise and good nutritional practices are the “prescriptions” for health and fitness. We can take the lessons from Olympians and incorporate them into our busy lives. We know that regular exercise mitigates the effects of many chronic diseases, but to do so, requires “doses” of exercise that many find impossible to do on a regular basis. With every population, there are a million reasons why we don’t incorporate regular exercise into our busy lives.

BFR Training is well suited to providing “doable,” safe and effective, robust exercise in a short period of time (15 to 20 minutes), anywhere, anytime for all age groups. Regular BFR Training is the solution for many of the chronic health problems as we age. 

Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen calls BFR “anti-aging” medicine. " 

B Strong uses a unique method of blood flow restriction (BFR) that improves blood flow, strengthens muscles and helps injuries heal more quickly -- without the strain and risk of traditional training like lifting heavy weights. 

Olympic athletes like Bode Miller, America’s most-successful male Alpine skier, Ted Ligety, five-time World Champion Giant Slalom skier, Mikaela Shiffrin, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Sarah Hendrickson, winner of the first women’s World Cup in ski jumping, use B Strong BFR on a daily basis. 

“It’s effective, there’s no doubt about it,” says Luke Bodensteiner, former executive vice president of athletics for USSA, which oversees 14 winter Olympic sports including Alpine skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.

Blood Flow Restriction Exercises with Kathy Smith

Blood flow restriction exercises - BFR lateral lunges with Kathy Smith

Blood flow restriction exercises - BFR squat to curtsy squat with Kathy Smith


The benefits of proper B STRONG training cannot be over emphasized. B STRONG BFR training is an exercise technique that safely manipulates the body's circulatory system, and when combined with exercise, produces rapid gains in strength and fitness using light loads in a very short period of time. Its use triggers a natural hormonal response in the body generating Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which has been noted to produce an anti-aging effect, and contribute to the building of stronger bones, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce body fat. The efficiency of BFR Training creates a paradigm shift in fitness! Now, weight training with half the weights in half the time can illicit remarkable whole body results. 


What you commonly hear referred to as “No Pain/No Gain” refers to the traditional weight training model — ultimately tearing muscle to build new muscle and increase strength. 


For an individual to achieve muscle fatigue from a traditional training session, he/she would have to lift heavy weights or push oneself for a long period of time to illicit the growth hormonal response needed to make strength gains or overall improvement. When following B STRONG banded protocols, lifting lighter weights ‘tricks’ the muscle to fatigue, the athlete (young or old/fit or unfit) gets the desired physiologic response quickly without having to break down and tear muscle, inducing 

Get Back In The Game With B Strong BFR Training

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