Mental and Functional Improvements in Managing Chronic Disease with B Strong BFR Training


We're continuing to highlight more stories that have come from the B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Guided Training Program, specifically related to those in the myositis community. Even though inclusion body myositis (IBM) is a muscle wasting condition it is important to consider the mental weight that comes with managing a chronic disease. The stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are very heavy burdens. When looking at exercise in general many times the mental benefits are often overlooked, but in the chronic disease community maintaining mental wellbeing is essential.

Jeff was recently diagnosed with IBM, but prioritized exercise shortly after the diagnosis and got started on a BFR program that has benefitted him greatly.

"After the workouts I feel stronger and mentally I feel more peaceful and less stressed."
Jeff – client with inclusion body myositis (IBM)

With BFR, one can get an influx of “feel-good” hormones that are released (such as norepinephrine) which can help improve energy levels and mental health. Jeff mentioned how his wife noticed the appearance of his muscles had changed, but a larger muscle in and of itself doesn’t always mean improved function. Watch the next video as Jeff explains how he started to see this translate over into recreational activities as well as basic day-to-day physical tasks.

As we've seen this play out in Jeff’s case and several others, these benefits tend to build on each other. Physical changes can lead to an improved mental outlook or feeling good after exercise causes participants to seek out more exercise and improve in their consistency with the program.

In closing, consider how something short and simple like B Strong BFR can not only improve one’s physical function, but their mental wellbeing in helping with long term management of a chronic disease.



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