Olympic athlete, Colleen Quigley, shares why training with Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is giving her an advantage

Olympic athlete, Colleen Quigley, shares why training with Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is giving her an advantage


Olympic steeplechase athlete, Colleen Quigley, shares why training with Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is giving her an advantage.

"I started B Strong BFR workouts when I was recovering from a hip injury. The benefits of these short workouts in strength and fitness were surprising. I found B Strong not only helped make me stronger in my injury side but also throughout my body." - Colleen Quigley, steeplechase olympian

Why BFR Training Works

The benefits of proper B STRONG training cannot be over emphasized. B STRONG BFR training is an exercise technique that safely manipulates the body's circulatory system, and when combined with exercise, produces rapid gains in strength and fitness using light loads in a very short period of time. Its use triggers a natural hormonal response in the body generating Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which has been noted to produce an anti-aging effect, and contribute to the building of stronger bones, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce body fat. The efficiency of BFR Training creates a paradigm shift in fitness! Now, weight training with half the weights in half the time can illicit remarkable whole body results.

Who & How to use BFR Safely

BFR training is an exercise methodology used by people in all stages of life. Our technology utilizes natural physiological pathways to safely induce the body’s nervous, circulatory, and hormonal systems to produce a large anabolic effect leading to incredible gains in strength in a short period of time. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to gain an edge in performance or a senior looking to feel youthful and gain mobility again, everyone can benefit from BFR training.

Colleen's Beauty Tip

"My biggest beauty secret is giving time to good mental health! I always feel most beautiful when I'm feeling confident and happy, which comes from the inside, when I'm not stressed or anxious. I love to meditate even for five to 10 minutes a day, and I work with a mental coach once a week."

The Doctor Says:

"I have had a career-long focus on legally Maximizing Human Performance at the highest level of sport for over 30 years. In this capacity working with Olympians, World Champions, Professional and Amateur teams, I have come across many potentially performance enhancing modalities — I have never experienced such a game-changing catalyst for maximizing athletic performance and overall fitness as Blood Flow Restrictive (BFR) Training. As a sports scientist and sports medicine physician, my partner Sean Whalen and I developed the B STRONG BFR Training System for all ages and disciplines to benefit safely from Blood Flow Restrictive Training, with an eye to an affordable, comfortable, safe and effective, new training modality."

Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD has helped pioneer the use of blood flow restriction training in North America and Europe and with his partner created B Strong BFR Training System. Stray-Gundersen lectures and certifies professionals and consumers in BFR training. Board Certified in General Surgery, Jim’s background is both academic and athletic. His “day job” has been as research faculty in Cardiology and Orthopedics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas and he has worked for 35+ years in Olympic and Professional Sports.

Get Back In The Game With B Strong BFR Training

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