Using Four B Strong BFR Bands Simultaneously

Using Four B Strong BFR Bands Simultaneously


The team at B Strong BFR is frequently asked about the safety and efficacy of using all four of the B Strong BFR bands, simultaneously.

Because of the unique, patented design, specifically allocated width and thickness of the band, along with special elastic material and proprietary pump developed specifically for B Strong BFR, it is safe to use all four B Strong BFR bands at the same time, as long as recommended protocols for pressure and time of use, are followed.

Using all four B Strong Bands makes circuit and functional training doable.

It should be noted that using four bands at once can make exercises more difficult.

When people use all four bands simultaneously, one generally finishes the session sooner (~15 minutes).

We recommend you start your BFR experience with just arms or just legs at once. Get used to the feelings and the exercises and ease your way into the training. As you become more experienced after a couple sessions, you may apply all four bands at once and incorporate more complex movements or calisthenic exercises.

It is important to be well hydrated during all B Strong BFR sessions, and especially when you have four belts at once, because you are pooling a larger blood volume in your limbs. If you ever feel light headed during any workout, stop, remove the belts, hydrate and eat something and try again later or the next day.

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