B Strong Blood Flow Restriction Training Improving Physical Therapy OutcomeS and Athletic Performance


"At first very skeptical, I tested BFR on the Olympians I was training. We quickly realized how impactful elastic BFR could be to all populations looking to quickly increase strength, power, muscle, lean body mass, and overall fitness. I sought to develop B Strong BFR, the safest and most effective elastic BFR system which does not impede the arterial circulation."

Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD, is a sports scientist, an exercise physiologist, Co-Founder B Strong BFR Training Systems as well as a long-time ACSM member, past ACSM Texas Chapter President, and Texas ACSM Life-Time Achievement Award Recipient.

Blood Flow Restriction or BFR Training, is quickly becoming a catalytic tool for Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Medical Doctors, High Performance Directors, Athletes, Baby Boomers, and Youth Sport Coaches. Proper BFR, using safe and effective BFR equipment, has been proven to enhance muscular strength and hypertrophy in several populations, improve fitness, and lessen injuries. BFR combined with low-load, low-intensity, and low-impact exercises can improve bone formation, elevate EPOC, and elicit a robust hormonal response including growth hormone. Cognitive Improvements, Systemic and Vascular health improvements, are also being studied.

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How Does B Strong BFR Work?

Optimize Function: Application and use of (B Strong) BFR Bands provides a more efficient option to optimize Physical Therapy Outcomes and Function, and enhance Performance 

Training Results: A smarter, safer, approach which is researched and shown to improve overall strength and fitness in less time, using lighter loads, than traditional PT or training. 

Robust Hormonal Response/Systemic Effect: BFR bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms/or legs to safely restrict blood flow in the limb, quickly resulting in strong fatigue to the working muscle while only using light weight loads or no added load at all. The BFR "feeling" mimics that of lifting heavy load lifting. The result is a systemic effect which elicits a hormonal cascade, including growth hormone. This systemic effect is part of the mechanism of healing.  

Non Tethered/Easy to Use: Unlike traditional BFR bands, B Strong BFR bands are inflated to individualized pressures prescribed by our B Strong Training System.

Less Time: One is able to achieve a full-body workout in only 20-30 minutes while reducing the risk of injury from lifting heavy loads. 

Numerous Applications: B Strong BFR can be incorporated in any physical therapy session, workout routine, including running, swimming, biking, yoga, resistance training.

Summary: Blood flow restriction training is a revolutionary way to optimize outcomes. B Strong safely modifies the blood flow to the limb during exercise to make the brain think the muscle is working hard. This triggers a robust, anabolic, hormonal release into the bloodstream. The systemic response, the key to BFR, affects all working and healing tissue. Increased growth hormone levels promote improved energy levels, increased performance, promote anti-aging and help to maintain bone density. In other words, your whole body benefits from this type of training. Benefits can be felt quickly in only a few sessions.


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B Strong Training System

B Strong Training System

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Single Pair Pack

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B Strong BFR Band Trainer Pack - 8 Bands

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B Strong BFR Band Trainer Pack - 10 Bands


B Strong Blood Flow Restriction Training Improving Physical Therapy Outcome and Athletic Performance

SAVE 25% OFF with code BFRTRAINER25

* Offer valid through 6/30/22

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Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction Training Course

Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Course

Would you like to get stronger and leaner, improve performance and recover faster? The B Strong Training System uses elastic “blood flow restriction” (BFR) exercises to elicit an anabolic neuro-humoral response normally associated with intense exhaustive work, to produce quick and significant gains in strength and fitness. 

Whether you work with weekend warriors or elite athletes, learn how to use the safe and effective B Strong Bands to create a metabolic cascade that will produce incredible adaptations and training results. You’ll put the bands on and learn how to maximize endurance, strength, power and overall fitness in less time, using lighter absolute loads which results in faster recovery, improved conditioning and enhanced performance. Optimize your athletic and small group training programs and gain an edge with this revolutionary training method!


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Gain More While Doing Less

One of the biggest benefits of BFR training is the ability to achieve the same results from low intensity resistance exercises as those achieved through high-intensity resistance training (i.e weightlifting). With BFR training, you use much lighter weights. This makes BFR training ideal for people that cannot lift heavy weights due to injury, age or other factors.

Increased Strength and Muscle Size

Even though very light weights are used, BFR training increases protein synthesis similar to traditional strength training. The increase in protein synthesis combined with reduced muscle damage puts the body in the best possible position for building lean muscle. Because BFR causes less muscle damage, gains have been observed faster than in traditional strength training.

Anti-Aging Effects

BFR training with B Strong stimulates the production of Growth Hormone which helps promote growth of lean muscle. BFR training produces a “systemic effect” due to the hormonal release into the body’s circulatory system. While only arms and/or legs may have been under restriction, the hormonal release into the blood stream goes everywhere and benefits any are of the body that was exercised (core, back, etc).  Doing low intensity workouts with B STRONG allows you to get the maximum benefits without the wear and tear on your body. 


BFR training allows individuals recovering from a hard workout, competition, or injury to maintain physical fitness, increase strength, and reduce atrophy. By limiting blood flow to the muscles, users can work the muscles without placing excessive weight on the limb.  If a part of the body is comprised from being able to tolerate normal training, BFR may provide an alternative form of training to still fatigue the body without added stress.  In addition, the systemic aspect of BFR means that non-compromised parts of the body may be trained as normal, so instead of sitting around waiting for the body to repair itself, you can actively produce an anabolic release (i.e. Growth Hormone, etc) that benefits all parts of the body.  For injury recovery, always consult a qualified medical professional for proper care and guidance.


Mark Wahlberg

"I get results. I'm getting twice the pump in half the time and getting more results, and I've been able to work twice as hard. B Strong, Baby." 


"I started B Strong BFR workouts when I was recovering from a hip injury. The benefits of these short workouts in strength and fitness were surprising. I found B Strong not only helped make me stronger in my injury side but also throughout my body."

Knee Reconstruction Patient

"Anyone going through a surgery like mine (ACL, PCL, LCL) I would definitely recommend this as a form of exhausting your body, exhausting your legs, and being able to build the muscle and build the strength to make progress."


  • What is the best way to start B Strong training?

    The best way to start using the B Strong Training System is to measure your limb girths, order a system, fill out the information and download the app. The guidance app will take you from there, suggest exercise options, and prescribe appropriate pressures to keep your sessions safe and effective!

  • How long will it take to see an effect?

    By using B Strong BFR bands along with the guidance app, you should see a marked improvement on the order of 10% strength gains in as little as 10-15 sessions if done 3-5x per week, 1x per day. Our application is designed to keep you safe and work your way toward the pressures that are appropriate for you, as each individual is different. B Strong is much more than just BFR bands. We bring you the expertise in an easy-to-implement fashion so you can simply Pump up ‘n Go™.

  • Where do I place the B Strong bands?

    B Strong BFR bands are only placed in two locations. 

    For arms, the BFR bands are placed high up, above the bicep and below the deltoid. The bands are designed thin enough to get above the bicep so that when the bicep contracts, the bands allow some expansion of the muscle. If you experience any kind of pain, it is likely because the bands are placed too low. 

    For legs, the BFR bands are placed as high up on the quad as is comfortable. 

    For both arms and legs, the white valve should be pointing inward toward the opposite side of your body and if there is a gap between the two ends of the bladder, this should be rotated so it is on the outside surface of the limb. 

    According to leading BFR expert Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD, the reason BFR bands are only placed in these two locations is that it allows B Strong to restrict flow to the maximum amount of muscle mass. B Strong produces a systemic effect, which means your whole body will benefit from the exercise if you are doing exercises that engage core and trunk muscles. So, if you are looking to improve calf or ankle function, you don't put the bands around the calf, as this leaves out the large quad and hamstring muscles and will produce a minimal systemic effect.

  • Is there a recommended period of time to wear B Strong bands?

    There is no optimal time to use B Strong. However, you may enjoy your B Strong blood flow restriction training session more if you establish a regular schedule. It is not recommended to do B Strong right after a large meal and for some, doing B Strong or any exercise just before bedtime may impact their ability to fall asleep.

  • What types of exercises can you do with B Strong trainingsystem?

    You can do any exercise you can imagine with your B Strong Training System™. The most important point is to follow the guidance of the app. In the app, you should follow the B Strong regimen for sets and repetitions to achieve muscle failure.

    Any light weight or partial body weight exercises can be performed with the B Strong Training System™. Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD, BFR expert and co-founder of B Strong, recommends starting with the basic exercises described in the app, then gradually incorporating exercises most specific to the activities relevant to your lifestyle. Examples include cyclists “B-ing” Strong on a stationary bike with BFR bands on their legs or baseball players throwing with BFR bands on their arms.