Develop a solid B Strong BFR training routine and take it to the next level with brand-new BFR training courses AND a new B Strong BFR App!

The B Strong BFR App is finally here for your iOS and Android devices. You can sort through workouts based on your preferences whether it’s anti-aging, recovery, or performance. The app features some of the B Strong BFR basics and safety.

Learn how to get stronger with less time and/or lighter weights using our patented, scientifically backed exercise strategy - B Strong blood flow restriction training. This revolutionary new exercise strategy allows you to lift lighter weight or workout shorter, leading to less muscle damage and faster recovery, all while increasing circulating growth hormone, improving circulation, and build lean muscle mass. Our patented Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands gently modify the amount of blood going to muscles during exercise, reducing local oxygen supply, turning easy exercises like walking into exercise that gives you a burn! Your body, not knowing any better, believes you are working out strenuously, and reacts by pumping out massive levels of growth hormone and other anabolic compounds which normally only occurs after all-out exercise. We've found a way to short cut that process and get you the results, without putting in that maximum level of exercise intensity. Come join thousands of other users, including celebrities, pro athletes, Olympians, active aging innovators, fitness icons, the military, and more!