Kathy Smith's 5 Secrets: Maximize Fitness with


Reclaim Your Strength

Prevent and reverse age-related muscle loss with B Strong Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands, helping you get stronger and faster, even as you age.


Game-Changing Technique

B Strong BFR training utilizes bands to partially restrict blood flow to your muscles during exercise, tricking your body into getting better results and leading to increased muscle mass, bone density, and metabolism.


Gentle on Joints

B Strong BFR training is a great option for individuals of all ages as it puts less strain on your joints, making it a safer and more sustainable form of strength training.


Versatile and Effective

B Strong bands can be incorporated into various fitness protocols, from walking to swimming, allowing you to experience the benefits of BFR training in any workout routine.


Scientifically Proven

B Strong BFR training has been extensively researched and proven to increase muscle mass and strength, even in older individuals or those with injuries, with one study showing a 28% increase in strength in women over 65.