5 Ways To Use B Strong BFR Bands Safely

5 Ways To Use B Strong BFR Bands Safely

Have you heard the term BFR or Blood Flow Restriction? If so, GREAT! We are so happy that the word is spreading and there is more and more buzz about this excellent training method! Even though the concept has been around for a few decades, it has been used primarily by bodybuilders and those in rehab and therapy settings. But that is changing, with the introduction of new technology and better education, this extraordinary training method is now attainable for everyone from the general fitness guru to the pro athlete.

So what is it? Simply put, blood flow restriction training, or BFR, is when you trick your body into working at a higher intensity than it actually is. Yes, trickery…but in its best form. You do this safely by restricting the amount of oxygenated blood flow to a working muscle (or muscle group). This causes a chain reaction of activated fast-twitch muscle fibers, lactate pools in the stressed muscle(s) and increased protein synthesis occurs along with increases in growth hormone production and other anabolic compounds. This leads to a systemic reaction that increases components of healing, bone growth, bone density, and reduces overall healing time. What it all means is that with BFR, you can use less weight and do fewer reps, and shorter workouts to illicit the same response as if you are doing a much higher-intensity workout -- and the results show. You have less risk of injury and you recuperate faster!

It’s also a time saver. Because you are getting fatigued using less weight and fewer reps you can get a workout done in a shorter amount of time. BFR workouts are shown to be more efficient, with more power and increases in strength in the same amount of time compared to non-BFR workouts.

But Safety First, what is the right BFR product and how should you use it safely?

There are a lot of products on the market to restrict blood flow - bands, cuffs, bandages, wraps, and more (some of which are cringe-worthy). When it comes to your body and your blood flow, you want to know you are using a product that is well-tested and has a proven track record for safety and results.

The B Strong system is the safest BFR product on the market because of its development by and expertise of an Olympic Physician and exercise physiologist and its patented barrel chamber design that has been independently validated in published research.

B Strong was born in an effort to garner the benefits of BFR for all populations in a safe, effective, easy-to-use, comfortable, and optimal way.

Here are 5 simple tips to use BFR safely:

  1. Find The Right Fit: For safe Blood Flow Restriction to occur, the size and configuration of the band and the amount of pressure it exerts have to be properly administered, aligned on the body, and measured before use. The B Strong system comes with several size bands to fit properly no matter what size you are. Through the B Strong guidance app, you’ll learn your unique pressure measurement, so you can be confident that the fit is right for you. The B Strong bands are easily inflated with a specially designed hand pump to your recommended pressure point. Simply place the bands on your upper arms or legs, or use them on your arms and legs at the same time. B Strong BFR is the only BFR brand safe enough for you to use all four bands at the same time, making it great for functional training, circuit workouts, or HIIT.
  2. Do The Exercises That Are Right For You: Special high-quality material designed with proper specifications of elastic components, form-fitting B Strong bands are designed to comfortably fit your body, regardless of activity. Unlike traditional BFR bands, B Strong bands are inflated to complement your individualized pressures prescribed by the B Strong Training System. B Strong also allows much more freedom of movement during exercise, so you can actually do athletic training with the bands. Other systems are relegated to static-type movements, limiting the variety of exercise greatly. You can even use B Strong in aquatic environments. So do the workout you enjoy. Your B Strong system will adapt to your chosen exercises, not the other way around.
  3. Educate Yourself: Through the B Strong guidance app, you’ll find useful BFR tips, exercises, and in-depth Blood Flow Restriction training courses. New courses are continuously being produced, and the library will continue to grow! Nothing stale about that! So dig into the app, you’ll find a wealth of information right at your fingertips.
  4. Remember Recovery: Even though your reps were low and your weight was light, your workout WAS intense, so give it the same respect you would give a high-intensity workout. Hydrate, get the proper amount of sleep, and make healthy dietary choices. Know that you have completed a great session, however, you have created far less damage than with a traditional non-BFR session!
  5. Get Out And Go: Everything you need is in one easy package! B Strong’s portable size is lightweight, compact, and rugged, making it easy to toss in a carry-on bag or backpack. The best part? B Strong doesn’t need to be charged! Take it with you with ease! Work out outside, at the gym, even at the pool, your choice! The more you use the B Strong system the more results you will see.

B Strong offers a BFR training system for everyone that is affordable, safe, and easy to use. Get the same benefits of an intense workout with lower intensity, less time, less damage!

Get your B Strong BFR System today.

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