Maintain your fitness levels this holiday season with B Strong BFR.

Maintain your fitness levels this holiday season with B Strong BFR.

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The holiday season brings many things, joy, family, friends, traditions, and memories. And these things, as wonderful as they are, take up time. Time well spent, but time nonetheless. Often choices like workouts get replaced with holiday tasks and festivities. But giving up your regular exercise is not the solution, those endorphins are real and you need them to get through some of the more stressful, less joyful parts of the holiday season.

Let’s be reasonable though, during the holiday season it is more realistic to maintain your fitness level than try to take on a lofty fitness goal. For most of us, it is not the time to try to lose weight or try to get down to our lowest body fat percentage. By setting achievement goals when your schedule is spread thin and the holiday treats are at an all-time high, you are setting yourself up for failure. However, maintaining your fitness levels and weight is an appropriate and attainable goal and sets you up for success in having a pleasant holiday season without the guilt and remorse come the New Year.

An effective way to incorporate the appropriate amount of fitness into your schedule is to replace your longer workouts with more efficient, safe workouts that leave you feeling accomplished and give you back added time in your day.

With the B Strong BFR system, you can get a quality workout accomplished in less time. It is an innovative system that allows you to get more out of your workouts, making them shorter with less risk of injury and recovery time.

What is BFR? BFR stands for Blood Flow Restriction.

Discovered in the late 1960s, blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a well-researched fitness training method that is fairly new to North America. BFR, which manipulates the body’s circulatory system, first became popular in bodybuilding communities and was used in rehabilitation and therapy facilities. With the introduction of new technologies, more education, and proven results, BFR is becoming more widely used by the general population including pro and Olympic athletes and those fitness enthusiasts wanting to get the most out of their workouts.

The B Strong BFR training solution is a one-of-a-kind system, designed by a physician with its patented multi-chamber design. B Strong BFR partially and safely restricts blood flow and oxygen to the working muscles. The result creates strong muscle fatigue, which in turn triggers a systemic effect and natural cascade of hormones, including human growth hormone, in half the time of a traditional, non-BFR workout session.

Better Quicker Workouts

The award-winning and patented B Strong system utilizes the method of blood flow restriction, or BFR training, which allows users to reap the benefits of high-intensity weight or aerobic training while performing low-load exercises or low-impact aerobic exercises. When the B Strong BFR system is incorporated into fitness sessions, exercisers experience improved power and strength, a leaner body mass, and faster recovery times. This means lighter loads, less damage to the body, less recovery time, less time exercising, and better, faster results when compared to traditional exercise and training programs. Shorter, more, effective workouts make the B Strong system your answer to more efficient, safe, and effective workouts during the holiday season.

Research shows workouts performed with the B Strong system are 2.5-4.5% more powerful with an 18-20% increase in strength when compared to not using the system. When muscles fail and fatigue in non-BFR training, muscles get damaged. However, with the B Strong BFR system, oxygen and blood are safely restricted to working muscles, which quickly produces strong fatigue in those muscles. The fatigue signal happens quickly, even though lighter weights are being used, making users stronger with little or no muscle damage. The strong fatigue triggers the brain to release a systemic hormonal cascade - including a robust production of human growth hormone. Your workout is shorter, but you still get to fatigue, and your body still goes through the process it would if you fatigued those muscles using heavier weights but without the same risks of injury.

Reduced Risk Of Injury

Not only is having a shorter workout optimal to help you get through the holidays, but a workout free of injury with shorter recovery is equally as valuable. There is no good time to be injured and the holidays are no exception. With normal exercise, the body can often become injured from overuse or bad form. Once injured, we stop or at least reduce the activities that use the injured areas. The decline in activity results in a rapid loss of muscle mass and function. Reduced muscle use from injury can detrain conditioning and promote atrophy of uninjured tissues. Additionally, “pushing through the pain” and continuing traditional strenuous exercising to maintain muscle gains while recovering can slow the healing process and further injuries or cause other health complications. This process of injury, and reinjury is often cyclical resulting in setbacks and of course pain. Blood Flow Restriction Training is a tool that can shorten recovery time and facilitate healing without loss of fitness. The B Strong system is a solution to minimize impact and maximize energy spent on regenerative exercise. Your B Strong workouts will get you to fatigue, but the risk of injury is much more limited.


With holiday travel you won’t necessarily have access to a gym or facility with machines or very heavy weights. If you rely on your traditional gym setting for your workout, you may find it difficult to be able to get to a facility to maintain your normal routine. In the absence of machines or heavy weights, the B Strong System provides that same strenuous fatiguing workout with fewer weights and without the need for machines. The B Strong system is a compact, portable solution that you can bring anywhere. It is an all-in-one blood flow restriction training system consisting of a set of four compression bands, a specially designed hand pump, carrying case, and guidance app. The B Strong app provides expert resources, tips, and exercise to get the most out of your workout without the need for traditional gym amenities when you are traveling.

B Strong can be used when performing any type of physical movement intended to gain muscle, build strength, and increase lean body mass. Use B Strong and you’ll reap the benefits of a full-body workout with the systemic effects of anaerobic resistance training without the high-load requirements, risk of injury, or dedicating hours at the gym.

B Strong is proven to enhance sports performance, muscle mass, lean body mass, speed, stamina, and agility as well as improve energy levels, bone density, metabolism, collagen production, and recovery from injury or surgery. The award-winning system is the safest blood flow restriction system of its kind.

B Strong was designed to be used virtually anytime, anywhere, no matter your age or mobility. The B Strong BFR Training System is ideal for individuals of all ages and abilities. Our system allows users to exercise safer, smarter, and with better results than any other method available today.

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