Ensign Services & B Strong Start BFR Program at Irondale Post Acute

Ensign Services & B Strong Start BFR Program at Irondale Post Acute


David just finished the DORiTO training, and this is his Capstone Project as well as a programming initiative at Irondale. – MaryAnn Bowles, Therapy Resource, Endura, CO


The Therapy team at Irondale Post Acute is changing the way we think about exercise in the geriatric population. Using B Strong’s Blood Flow Restriction bands, they are improving outcomes for patients with a variety of functional limitations.

BFR is achieved through the application of specific external pressure, proximally, over the extremities using pressure-controlled bands. Light exercise then results in significant metabolic stress, which stimulates adaptation both locally, in the muscles, and throughout the body via a neurohumoral anabolic cascade.

Some of the benefits of BFR include:

  • increased strength and hypertrophy with loads as low as 20% of 1RM
  • the release of 70% more growth hormone when compared to traditional heavy resistance exercise
  • increased bone mineral density, angiogenesis, and collagen synthesis.

Irondale’s therapists are incorporating BFR into gait training, therapeutic exercise, and therapeutic activities with outstanding results.



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