How BFR is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

How BFR is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry


“No pain no gain” is the battle cry across fitness centers everywhere, but is there a better way to get stronger, leaner, and healthier?

Sports Medicine Physician and Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) expert Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD

explains that for some people, it’s difficult to do a hard enough workout to get a systemic

response that elicits the hormonal cascade necessary to get the results you want, when you want them. 

That’s where Blood Flow Restriction Training comes in. 

What is BFR Training?

The B Strong BFR Training System™ uses bands that are designed to allow blood flow into the

limb while providing resistance to flow out of the veins. This prevents working muscles from getting nutrients and oxygen in a timely manner to continue the work. The brain recognizes

this disturbance of homeostasis and produces a neuro-humoral response that amplifies anabolic

activity throughout the body. The anabolic response increases energy levels and improves strength and performance. 

Ideal for individuals of all ages and abilities, this system allows users to exercise safer, smarter, and with better results. Dr. Stray-Gundersen says, “B Strong BFR Training Systems are a game-changer for optimizing health benefits for the whole population. They’re safe and scientifically proven to make you strong and improve your overall health and wellness.”

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Everyone has a different relationship with fitness. Some might be training for an important competition and some might get joy out of their daily fitness sessions. Others might be exercising in order to recover from an injury, and are thus physically limited. By adding B Strong, anyone can elevate their current mode of exercise. Running, swimming, biking, weight lifting, resistance training, yoga, pilates, even walking the dog can now become a great way of getting exercise and accessing the tremendous benefits of BFR! Professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, MLS, NBA, Wrestling, Water Polo, Swimming, Cycling, and other professional fitness organizations have implemented B Strong BFR into the recovery and performance regimes and are seeing significant progress.

B Strong BFR Training Pack

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to achieve the same results from low-intensity resistance exercises as those achieved through high-intensity resistance training (i.e less pain, more gain). 

BFR training increases protein synthesis similar to traditional strength training. Combined with reduced muscle damage, the body is in the best position for building lean muscle faster.

When people are looking for reasons to work out, anti-aging isn’t typically one of them. But with BFR it’s an added benefit! BFR training stimulates the production of the Growth Hormone, which is released into the bloodstream and gives maximum benefits without the wear and tear.

The problem of wear and tear has affected countless individuals and is a huge problem in the fitness industry. There are endless debates over which workouts are the lowest impact while providing the highest results. With BFR training, individuals recovering from a hard workout, competition, or injury can maintain physical fitness, increase strength, and reduce atrophy. 

Hear It Straight From the People

Safe, effective, affordable, and easy-to-use, some of the best athletes, coaches, physical therapists, and celebrities use this training system to get the most out of their workout. 

A patient who was involved in an accident resulting in torn ligaments (anterior cruciate, posterior cruciate, and lateral collateral), meniscus damage, and a dislocated hip, used B Strong blood flow restriction (BFR) training bands as part of his rehabilitation.

He said, "I've felt stronger, I've felt I can push further, and I can last longer in these workouts. I feel that I am causing my body to be more fatigued through these workouts without using high amounts of weight. Anyone going through surgery like mine, I would definitely recommend this as a form of exhausting your body, exhausting your legs, and being able to build the muscle and build the strength to make progress."

Here’s what some other B Strong fans had to say:

"I'm getting twice the pump in half the time and getting more results, and I've been able to work twice as hard. B Strong, Baby." Mark Wahlberg, Actor

Mark Wahlberg B Strong BFR Bands

“As a professional athlete I needed that extra push to help me get to the Olympics and without the B Strong Training System, I probably wouldn’t have made it. B Strong was a game-changer for me because it made me leaner, fitter, stronger.” Abby Rinquist, Olympic Ski Jumper

“B Strong allowed me to push myself harder. And in Olympic competition, you need to be able to dig as deep as you possibly can.” Taylor Fletcher, Olympic Cross Country Skier

“B Strong completely changed the way that I train and my overall health and my life in general.” Sarah Hendrickson, Olympic Ski Jumper

“My fitness has increased, my endurance has increased, even my hair, my skin, my nails are stronger.” Jennifer Drummond, Entrepreneur, and Mother of 7

Revolutionize Your Workouts

B Strong training is easily accessible and doesn’t take long to master. B Strong offers a Livestream BFR Training and Certification that you can take from wherever you are located! Certify yourself, your trainers, and your teams to lead your guests and clients in this revolutionary workout. 

This course is designed for everyone from personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, pilates and yoga instructors, physical therapists, athletes, consumers, and more. Learn about proper band placement, the science behind BFR and what makes it safe and effective for EVERYONE, and workout protocol best practices. 

You can also purchase the B Strong Trainers Pack that will include everything you need to deliver the BFR training benefits.  

Be at the forefront of care and education and get the latest technology to deliver top-notch results to your clients and/or patients. Maximize performance, minimize damage, and revolutionize your workouts. 



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