How Does the B Strong BFR Band Training System Work?

How Does the B Strong BFR Band Training System Work?



BFR (blood flow restriction) is a breakthrough in understanding of how the body adapts to training stress and builds muscle, bone, blood vessels and tendons.  The B Strong BFR Training System works by slowing down or impeding the flow of blood exiting the limbs through the veins. 

As your muscles work, they use up available oxygen and other nutrients and normally the circulation brings more oxygen and removes metabolic waste products. Because the circulation has been impeded, there is not enough re-supply of oxygen to the muscle, nor enough clearing of metabolic waste products.  The “environment” of the muscle fiber deteriorates to the point where muscle contraction cannot continue and other muscle fibers have to take over to perform the exercise.  Soon all fibers in the muscle go into a state of “failure” and one cannot continue. 

You recognize this state as muscle burn or fatigue followed by not being able to do anymore repetitions.  Your brain senses the distress and responds, as it normally does, by initiating autonomic and hormonal responses in an attempt to mitigate the conditions in the muscle and to adapt to the demands of the exercises.  This process is the normal process of adaptation to severe exercise, but usually to get to this state, one must perform severe exercise like maximal weight lifting or many running intervals. This type of severe exercise usually damages the tissues involved. 

In the case of BFR Training, the situation was created by a combination of light otherwise easy exercises but with the blood flow to those muscles impeded.  As a result of the distress in the muscle, growth hormone and other anabolic hormones are released into your blood stream.  This hormonal cascade goes throughout the body and facilitates the repair and building of all tissues that have been working or were injured.

 Our team is dedicated to pushing the research into understanding all the underlying mechanisms, and establishing optimal application of the B Strong BFR Training System.  Get started today!


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