Occlusion vs. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

Occlusion vs. Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training


See the safety video below where we compare occlusion training with a blood pressure cuff and the B Strong BFR Training System. The difference between occlusion training and BFR Training is that with Occlusion, the limb’s blood flow is occluded and in the later, some blood flow is always maintained.



The B Strong BFR Training System was created with safety and efficacy in mind by Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen, Sports Doctor, Exercise Physiology and Trainer for Sport Performance. B Strong is specifically designed NOT TO OCCLUDE (stop) blood flow to the limb, making it the safest BFR system of its kind and can be used anytime, anywhere by anyone to optimize overall fitness.

As this doppler ultra sound video shows, the B Strong BFR Training System uses uniquely designed bands that maintain arterial inflow when safety rules, cautions, and app guidelines are followed. On the other hand, blood pressure cuffs and surgical tourniquets, which have sometimes been used for BFR training, occlude blood flow to the limbs. Avoiding occlusion of arterial inflow to a limb mitigates against the root cause of serious complications.


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