The Workout Partner Every Student-Athlete Needs

The Workout Partner Every Student-Athlete Needs


One of the many benefits of B Strong training is its ability to span all ages and performance levels. For athletes, it’s the premier strength training tool that helps them reach their peak performance so they can go as far as possible in achieving their athletic goals and dreams. 

B Strong can be incorporated into workouts for:

  • Junior athletes who want to build strength safely 
  • Collegiate athletes and semi-professionals 
  • Top-level professional athletes and Olympians 
  • Former athletes who want to stay fit and strong without tearing up their body

Daniel Helfgott using B Strong BFR Training Bands

Another factor that makes B Strong the perfect workout partner for athletes is the ability to aid in staying strong during recovery from musculoskeletal injuries or surgery. Athletes can reduce the loss of conditioning by providing the ability to exercise uninjured tissues during the recovery period with non or low-load exercise.

Daniel Helfgott, an infielder for the New Jersey Institute of Technology Baseball team, has been using B Strong “religiously” for 4 years now. “I am so fortunate Barry [Heyden] put me on the BStrong lifestyle. BStrong has kept me strong in every fashion of the game throughout my season, coming off a great season bringing NJIT to our first-ever NCAA Regional appearance against Arkansas. I truly believe in the science behind it, have seen the benefits of it by gaining over 25 lbs of muscle from it, and have been praising the product and company to countless athletes  and friends of mine,” says Helfgott.

Daniel Helfgott using B Strong Blood Flow Restriction Training Bands

Helfgott and NJIT aren’t the only student-athletes reaping the benefits of B Strong:

  • University of Tenessee’s Soccer, Softball, Swimming, and Baseball teams 
  • University of Texas Softball Team
  • UNC Wilmington Baseball
  • De Anza College Baseball


  • Team Canada Hockey
  • Chris Bates of USA Men’s Water Polo Team

For student-athletes looking to improve their performance and get maximum gains, or for parents or trainers looking to help their athletes achieve their goals, B Strong is here to help!

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