Using BFR at Home to Improve Performance When Gyms are Closed

Using BFR at Home to Improve Performance When Gyms are Closed


If it wasn’t for the BFR and being able to do it at home over the last six months, the ability to get the exercise I need wouldn’t have happened.
Harry – client with inclusion body myositis (IBM)



Many people across the country were having a difficult time accessing gyms in 2020 due to closures and shutdowns. Finding an easy to apply, safe, and affordable system such as B Strong to implement blood flow restriction (BFR) training has allowed several to maintain and even improve their fitness during the pandemic. Harry’s story is one example as this story finishes out the blog series on clients I’ve been working with who have inclusion body myositis (IBM). Harry was one of the first participants in guided training as he enrolled in the program at the end of 2019.

He was able to get into a good home based routine prior to the pandemic and was able to lean on BFR even more as exercising in the gym was no longer possible. Listen in as he talks about the portability of B Strong, the improvements he has made with his ability to perform pushups, and how it is been a helpful option to pursue early on following his diagnosis of IBM.

Along with improving strength and function, he has also noted reductions in pain and improvement in energy. These secondary benefits were very impactful in his case and listen in how they’ve impacted his overall well being.



Harry is an excellent example of how investing in B Strong BFR and the Guided Training Program in 2020 allowed him to improve his fitness during a year that was challenging for most to do so.







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