World Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon, USA

I personally have seen more rapid changes in my strength and muscle size in the last month-and-a-half of dedicated use of the BStrong equipment and process than I saw in the previous 20 years of lifting heavy weights!

BFR is a way of stimulating the body’s own mechanisms in enhancing muscle strengthening and recovery without muscle breakdown and joint irritation.


I have been an orthopedic surgeon for over 20 years, having operated on some of the best athletes of their generation and serving the public in general. My specialty is in orthopedic sports medicine for athletes of all ages and skill levels. I provide customized preventative programs, injury rehabilitation, arthroscopy and reconstructive surgery. I guide the treatment of every patient, regardless of age, activity level or mechanism of injury. My goal is the return to optimum recovery and maximum performance for every patient.

I was first introduced to BFR training in 2015.  The science made sense to me so we tried it out in the clinic and immediately starting seeing amazing results.  The product we were using at the time was great, but I was immediately drawn to B STRONG when I saw the ease of use, quality, and affordability to really expand the usage of BFR within our rehab center.


My goal with every patient is their optimum recovery and return to maximum performance.  B STRONG provides us the tool we needed to be able to prevent muscle atrophy and allow patients to exercise earlier in their rehab process to start re-building strength well before conventional methods would allow.  Keeping patients strong and improving recovery time provides them with an overall better and more positive rehabilitation experience.


We use B STRONG within 2-3 days post-op for many of our patients.  Because the loads used are low, or simply bodyweight, applying B STRONG to our standard ROM activities helps augment the results.  We also use B STRONG on the healthy extremities to generate a very robust anabolic response they couldn’t otherwise get.  We see daily the power of this systemic reaction in terms of the speed of recovery.

BFR training is a tool that we quickly learned can have a tremendous positive impact on a very wide range of our patient population. From amputees to young novice athletes, weekend warriors to elite professional athletes, retired seniors to middle aged industrial laborers, BFR training has played a strong role in all of their rehabilitation programs.

Now, with the incorporation of the B STRONG technology, our BFR training modality has been greatly enhanced, expediting patient recovery and having a long term positive impact on our patient’s health.

We also use B STRONG for general pain management and treatment of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).  Something about BFR seems to reset the nervous system and help the body cope with this inflammatory response.  In general, our patients comment that their pain is reduced after doing a bout of B STRONG and indeed, some patients get their own personal set to take home.


Generally people are quite cautious or nervous when they hear “blood flow restriction”, but once we explain the benefits and how it works, that you are not cutting OFF blood flow, just slowing it down, they give it a shot.  In general we start out easy and build up the pressures, and by the end, the results they see are all our patients care about.  Some even end up buying their own systems to continue training with B STORNG as a form of fitness.


B STRONG has really nailed the product with their system.  It’s really easy to use and quick to set up which is essential in our busy clinic.  The patient’s love it, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, it works!  While there are other systems on the market, none have been able to match the overall quality, safety, ease of use, and affordability of B STRONG.  I highly recommend this to any clinician as an essential tool in the injury recovery process.