Dr. Tyler Nelson

Camp4performance in Taylorsville, UT

“B STRONG Belts are my go-to treatment tool.”


At Camp4performance in Taylorsville, UT we use B STRONG extensively to address our client’s performance and rehabilitation needs.  My background is in chiropractic and sports performance rehabilitation training with an emphasis on functional movement and neuromuscular re-education.


The draw in the chiro practice is through rehabilitation of the spine and extremities but also in manipulation of the extremities. Most chiro clinics are using rehabilitation as a means to manage low back and neck pain. The great thing about adding BFR to training and rehab protocols is that it’s not like we need to learn additional “exercises” to use them. Presumably any effect a patient is getting with rehab is accentuated with adding BFR training.

For example, if we were treating a client with lumbar spine pain and we prescribe the following exercises, gluteal bridge, bird dog (arms and legs), step ups, deadlifts, etc. These exercise could still be performed, but by simply adding the BFR belts we will stimulate a greater anabolic response.

In regards to manipulation, I’ve noticed that when using BFR in the upper extremity, fluid in the synovial joints is maintained. Generally it is cleared through joint motion and compression. That means the joints have more space than they usually would, which is great for extremity joint manipulation. This is something that most chiro’s do as well. If they’re trying to do carpal bone manipulation for treating carpal tunnel they could do so more easily with the fluid accumulation post BFR training.


I am always looking to provide my patients and clients with the best possible care and outcome, whether i’m looking to improve athletic performance by isolated muscle hypertrophy training or trying to heal a chronic tendon or joint pathology.

I’ve tried all the other brands on the market and believe that B STRONG has produced an affordable product that is right for any clinician or strength coach looking to help athletes achieve their goals more quickly.

The B STRONG Belts are now my go-to treatment tool.