Avid Masters Triathlete and Skier

The results I achieved were quite clear. I experienced less body fat and increased leg strength which improved my in-sport performance. Very positive return on investment!


I have competed in numerous triathlons including the Ironman, as well as a mix of endurance events in cycling, paddle sports and cross country skiing. At 62 years of age I find that strength has been an element of my conditioning that is beginning to elude me. My winter fitness has been at a much higher level, due to skate skiing and more time to spend in the gym. However over the last few years I could tell my upper body strength was diminishing.


While going through VO2 and lactic acid threshold testing at one of the USO development centers I saw a set of B STRONG blood flow restriction cuffs. My curiosity brought me to the point of buying a set. I used them over the winter in three different ways. Following the protocol and fitness test I began to use them while skiing hill intervals for 20 min segments. I also used them while working out on a Concept 2 Skierg machine and most important when time was short and I only had 20 min or so to squeeze in a workout.


The gains I experience came mostly from the light lifting in a short window of training and the work on the Skierg. The results I achieved were evident in my skiing hilly terrain. I experienced less upper body fatigue and improved leg strength resulted in better control when skiing down hill.


I’m planning to use them this spring, specifically for cycling. I plan put in around 3000 miles this year on the road bike with a trip to France during the Tour de France to bike 4 of the classic Climbs in the French Alps.

I’m quite satisfied that my purchase of the B STRONG cuffs was prudent and has had a positive return on investment.