Why B Strong BFR Training Belongs in Your Training Program/Facility

Why B Strong BFR Training Belongs in Your Training Program/Facility


“B Strong is a paradigm shift in the way we exercise. You can now exercise smarter, safer, and improve your overall strength and fitness in less time with greater results. The benefits of BFR training lead to overall health and wellness for the entire population. It can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone – young or old 9 to 90 -- regardless of fitness level.”

- Dr. James Stray-Gundersen, M.D., Olympic Physician, Medical Director and Co-Developer of the B Strong BFR Bands

B Strong BFR Training bands and the proprietary design have made BFR training, and its benefits, accessible to ALL! Whether elite athlete, active older adult, frail and elderly, rehabbing from injury or looking to get fit, or build strength, B Strong BFR Training provides a workout advantage for the athlete, client, trainer, and training facility.

B Strong BFR Training in two words: GAME CHANGER. Exercise, fitness, strength and power, wellness, rehab and performance training will never be the same.

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Using the B Strong System?

B Strong Training is a proprietary implementation of BFR training -- an exercise technique that safely manipulates the body’s circulatory system to illicit a systemic hormonal response. When combined with exercise or sport specific movement, BFR produces rapid gains in strength and fitness while using light-weights and low-intensity exercise -- in a very short period of time for youth training, to Olympian, to baby boomer, to senior rehab.

Easy To Use Make Your Exercise Training More Effective with B Strong BFR

Easy to Use, Compact, Non-Tethered, Portable, Safe and Effective, Affordable,

B Strong BFR bands are compact and can go anywhere to give fast, accountable results to all your clients.

You can move freely in or out of the gym, on or off the “pitch” with B Strong BFR. Elevate your client’s traditional training, just by using with B Strong BFR - feel the difference immediately.

How Does BFR Work?

  • B Strong inflatable bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms and /or legs to safely modify blood flow in the limbs.
  • The B Strong bands are inflated to individualized pressures that are recommended in the B Strong BFR Training System app.
  • The inflated B Strong bands create compression on the limbs, which slows the flow of blood through your veins, while still maintaining arterial inflow.
  • The restriction or moderation of blood flow in the veins limits the amount of oxygen being delivered to the working muscles, thereby creating “stress” or “disruption of homeostasis,” which triggers numerous metabolic effects such as muscle and strength development, and cardiorespiratory fitness, while using low-load and low intensity exercise.
  • This strong fatigue state triggers a natural, robust, hormonal cascade, which in turn produces hypertrophy and strength gains on par with intense exercise or traditional weight lifting.
  • The hormones circulating in the blood stream benefit all areas of the body that are working, not just the restricted limb(s) or working muscles, creating a total body “Systemic Response.”


The efficiency of B Strong BFR Training creates a paradigm shift in fitness! Now, weight training with half the weights in half the time can illicit remarkable whole body results, and its impact on cardio fitness is equally impressive.

How BFR training compares to regular exercise without bands? For an individual to achieve muscle fatigue from a traditional training session, he/she would have to lift heavy weights or push oneself for a long period of time to illicit the growth hormonal response needed to make strength gains or overall fitness improvements.

When following B STRONG banded protocols, lifting lighter weights “tricks” the muscle to fatigue because the brain “thinks” the body is lifting a heavy load or working at a higher intensity than it really is, so the athlete (young or old/fit or unfit) gets the desired physiologic response quickly without having to break down and damage muscle.

B Strong has created a safe, comfortable and effective, mild-to-moderate blood flow restriction device, that can optimize results while using body weight, light weights and lower intensity cardio exercise--when coupled with our program design recommendations.

Why Use B Strong BFR At Your Club Or Facility?

By implementing B Strong BFR Training into your own business you can enhance, and distinguish your business from others.

1. With a B Strong Training Zone and station prominently displayed and personal trainers enthusiastically teaching its effective utilization, that club/owner would be distinguished from others who don’t have this game changing program as part of their program options. Excited, newly-fit club members would willingly recruit their friends and colleagues. It’s perfect for small group training, circuit training and personal training, and your current members will be just as excited. A decrease in member turnover occurs and new revenue streams are created.

2. B Strong BFR app - B Strong is expanding how we bring the world’s best fitness training modality and equipment, work out programs and educational courses to even more team members with our on-line B Strong app. The consumer, and the trainer/client/club members can follow a customized plan toward strength, balance, cardiovascular and mobility improvements.

Your members, clients and athletes will love the fact that they can get…



Proven BFR Results in 4 Weeks


How is B Strong BFR Training incorporated into all types of workout or rehab programs at clubs, clinics or performance training centers?

Many people ask if BFR replaces traditional strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), or steady state cardiovascular exercise, for example. The answer is “yes,” and “no.” Many 40-plus-year-old folks are transitioning to BFR workouts only for many of the benefits/reasons cited above. On the other hand, in some high-level athlete performance training, often traditional approaches plus BFR training are used.

Key Point: B Strong BFR training is totally adaptable to any fitness, performance or rehab goal enhancing results at a faster pace.

It’s easy, fun and safe and results oriented. Programs are ready to implement, and it makes fiscal sense because B Strong BFR Training support and increase current revenue stream, and helps with member retention. The free B Strong app explains different recommended pressures when using any combination of bands and how to safely progress your training programs.

The Secret Is Out

No longer the expensive secret of high-performance organizations, athletes, Olympians, and physical therapists, B Strong offers a BFR training system for EVERYONE that is affordable, safe and easy to use. Backed by science-based studies, a trainer can now get more out of each session with a client - better results, less time!

Reap the benefits of long-term overall health and wellness by integrating B Strong BFR Training into fitness programs for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Reduce workout time
  • Reduce risk of injury from heavy weights
  • Use with any activity, indoors or outdoors – conditioning, small group training, strength training, walking, running, biking, swimming

Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD represents the credibility and expertise behind the B Strong BFR brand. For over a decade, Dr. Stray-Gundersen has helped pioneer the use of blood flow restriction training in North America and Europe and with his partner created B Strong BFR Training System. Stray-Gundersen lectures and offers a BFR Course Theory and Applications with continuing education credits, to fitness professionals and consumers in BFR training.

Board Certified in General Surgery, Jim’s background is both academic and athletic. He has been on the research faculty in Cardiology and Orthopedics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas and he has worked for 35+ years in maximizing human performance in Olympic and Professional Sports, Special Forces, and leading anti doping efforts in multiple sports, as well as an altitude expert, serving on governing bodies.

Get Back In The Game With B Strong BFR Training

Our promise - Noticeable change in 21 days, guaranteed. Follow our guided intro program and get results you can see, or your money back